Engaging Families for Student Success

Community Partners

Community Partners

Turning the Page partners with many D.C. and Chicago organizations to expand opportunities for families to support their children’s education. Our partnerships with museums, libraries, environmental and community centers provide a crucial link to the vast educational resources available beyond school walls.

If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with Turning the Page, please contact D.C. Director of Programs Ellie Canter or Chicago Director of Programs Kylia Kummer.

Connecting D.C. Families to the Anacostia River: TTP’s Partnership with the Anacostia Watershed Society

Navigating the serene Anacostia River with the Anacostia Watershed Society has become an annual tradition during TTP’s D.C. Summer Learning Trips. First-time boat riders often belt screams of excitement when they leave land behind. Fascinated elementary schoolers peer transfixed at the flora and fauna teeming in their own neighborhood. And parents respond to the Anacostia Watershed’s call to action with an understanding of our need to conserve what’s in our own backyard. The yearly partnership helps Turning the Page families lay claim to the natural bounty that skirts their community.

A Night at the Museum: TTP’s D.C. Partnership with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

TTP’s partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in D.C. was forged through a mutual need to connect Ward 8 middle school families to STEM programming. During a recent visit to the Q?rius exhibit, museum educators and scientists shared how their stories of discovery and wonder became part of their educational and career trajectories. Turning the Page families got a privileged look at the behind-the-scenes life of the museum, the undivided attention of professional scientists and museum educators, and free reign to exercise their investigative muscles at the interactive Q?rius exhibit stations. The continuation of this partnership enables middle school families at TTP’s partner schools to gain access to out of school learning experiences that deepen their STEM inquiry and understanding of future careers in the field.

Connecting Families to Home Learning with the D.C. Public Library

DC Public Library enables Turning the Page families to encourage young readers’ literary passion and helps deepen the impact of TTP programs. Librarians have visited Community Nights to outline how parents can put newfound workshop skills into practice through visits to their local library. With their help, we present the library as a space in which families can learn together, encounter challenging reading materials, find adult education opportunities, and monitor student’s achievement online. The libraries have also housed Turning the Page conferences and have displayed students’ photographs and writing in celebration of their academic achievements.

Storytelling with Seniors at the D.C. Ward 8 Knox Hill Senior Residence

During Turning the Page’s semi-annual visits to the Knox Hill Senior Residence, students and parents have shared bookmaking skills they learned during Community Night workshops with the residents. Seniors and students become authors as they bring favorite childhood memories to life in illustrated books. By collaboratively writing stories of pride in DC, histories of immigration to the District, and nostalgia for family outings, students explore the importance of service and build relationships with seniors in their communities.