Engaging Families for Student Success

Q’s & A’s: Bringing the Conversation Home

October 9, 2015

DSC_9008Our first Community Night: Questions for Home and School was a blast! In Chicago and DC, we saw over 800 parents and students within our combined eleven schools.

With parents and teachers, we discussed the various aspects of their child’s education including tips for reading aloud, how to plan for successful parent-teacher conferences or goal-setting meetings, and how to prepare questions to guide reading at home.

But, how can we continue to support students’ learning through conversations at home? Here are some additional tips generated by our Turning the Page parents:

  • Post-it notes around the house for sight words and to learn a different language
  • JiJi a math app for tablets and cellphones
  • Using subtitles whenever children watch TV
  • Playing Bingo with sight and spelling words
  • Reading the newspaper together
  • Designating a special reading time


Written by: Rosondunnii Marshall | Photography by: Ria Arnold

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