Engaging Families for Student Success

VISTA Spotlight: Camille Tolliver

July 31, 2015

AmeriCorps VISTAs serve nationally to strengthen local organizations that serve low income communities. At Turning the Page, they’re fundamental to bolstering partnerships with parents and school staff and forging long-lasting relationships with local nonprofits, museums, and universities. In fact, VISTAs are a part of almost all aspects of TTP programs, and are the faces behind outreach strategy, child mentoring activities, field trips, social media, program evaluation, and research.

Here on the TTP blog, VISTAs share a little bit about themselves and their work in their own words!

TTP staff held their own spirit week, crazy hat day!

Name: Camille Tolliver

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Hats I wear at TTP: Support Community Nights at Savoy Elementary School, conduct research, curate and maintain social media content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and LinkedIn and plan and provide support for events.

Why I chose a year with AmeriCorps VISTA: Coming from a disadvantaged background, I understand the value and importance of receiving a quality education. I believe that all children deserve an opportunity to receive the best education possible. TTP allows me to provide parents with the resources needed to help their children stay on a successful path.

A story from my year of service: I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing families! I love how passionate everyone is about his or her child’s education. I really enjoy learning about the families we work with. Betlemska kaple The biggest takeaway for me so far is, the smile on every students and parents faces because they know that TTP cares. We are like a BIG family. I love when the kids run up to me and give me a hug – such a great feeling!