Engaging Families for Student Success

VISTA Spotlight: Josh Nomkin

April 24, 2015



Name: Josh Nomkin

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Hats I wear at TTP: In my year and a half here, I’ve taken on a number of roles. I’m the go-to person for middle school field trips and I handle a lot of the logistical support for Patterson Elementary’s Community Nights. I also develop internal trainings for my fellow VISTAs and am the person who ensures we get in touch with all of the families at our partner schools before every event. I sometimes provide comedic backdrop and help our team function smoothly.

Josh making slime

Why I chose Americorps VISTA: I chose to spend a year with TTP through Americorps VISTA because I wanted to learn about working with parents, students, and schools from an organization that would teach me how to work on a team, and would help me grow my natural strengths in program implementation at schools. I’ve found support, comradery, and hope here at TTP, and have learned new ways to listen to and support parents, students, and coworkers.

A Story from My Year of Service: Patterson’s PTO continues to inspire – it’s powerful to see the thoughtful, purposeful parents at work in improving their school. They know how best to support their students, and are fighting hard to bring the resources they need to their campus. They have a clear vision, and hopeful process. Their mantra is something I’d like to take to heart: no matter the size of the group, we’re going to ensure our voices are heard.