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VISTA Spotlight: Vvdaul Holloway

March 10, 2016

AmeriCorps VISTAs serve nationally to strengthen local organizations that serve low income communities. At Turning the Page, they’re fundamental to bolstering partnerships with parents and school staff and forging long-lasting relationships with local nonprofits, museums, and universities. Betlemska kaple . In fact, VISTAs are a part of almost all aspects of TTP programs, and are the faces behind outreach strategy, child mentoring activities, field trips, social media, program evaluation, and research.

Here on the TTP blog, VISTAs share a little bit about themselves and their work in their own words!

Name: Vvdaul Rashaad Holloway

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Hats I wear at TTP: I work directly to support programming at Hart Middle School and Patterson and Savoy Elementary Schools. I aid the development of community resources that are relevant to each Community Night topic. Data and Evaluation packaging for presentations is also another major role I play here at TTP.

Fun fact Vvdaul Hollowayabout me: I was able to travel, research, and study in Berlin, Germany as part of a research project on the cross cultural understandings of Hip Hop music.

Why I chose a year with AmeriCorps VISTA: Coming from Arkansas, a state that has a deep history of poverty, racism, and historical oppression of minorities, I wanted to use my college degree to serve children of color in a way other than being a teacher. Americorps VISTA has been a perfect blending of my need for social justice and my want for understanding systemic flaws that prevent growth of marginalized communities.

Most interesting aspect of my service with TTP: The most interesting part of working with elementary schools is the ability to be the child mentoring captain. This role has lots of responsibility, but also can be rewarding. At many of the nights I have been able to connect and hold dialogue consistently with groups of students on what it means to be a young person of color in a modern America. My ability to connect culturally through my own background, musical tastes, and interest in youth development has been the most rewarding experiences.