Engaging Families for Student Success

Operating Principles

operating principles

Turning the Page thrives based on six basic operating principles, which have guided its work since its founding.

1. The Right to a High-Quality Public Education

TTP believes all students have the right to a high-quality public education. TTP also believes that all families deserve equal influence over the institutions and leaders who make decisions about their children’s education. TTP’s programs enable families to gain greater knowledge of these institutions and how to exercise their influence.

2. Education Beyond School Walls, Accessible to All

TTP trusts parents to play a critical role in their children’s success and in a school’s overall improvement. TTP also believes that the city itself is a classroom and helps to ensure that resources such as museums and institutions can be accessed by all regardless of income or neighbourhood.

3. Rigorous & Engaging Programs

TTP believes that people learn best and work best when they are intrinsically motivated, driven by a sense of inquiry, curiosity and fun. Rigorous but engaging programming encourages participants to rise to meet high expectations. In children, TTP aims to instill a lifelong love of learning. In parents and teachers, TTP aims to instill an unshakeable faith in their power to make real change. TTP’s programs also assume that parents and teachers are capable of high-level thinking, addressing complex topics when they arise, and using these topics as starting points for transformative discussions.

4. Reliance on Research & Experience

TTP’s programs have been created with data-driven research. For example, when designing our programs, we rely on research showing that when families are involved in their children’s education, students benefit. We evaluate current programs consistently and thoroughly, ensuring that our work is making an impact, and we always seek to improve. We also recognize that parents, teachers and principals have tremendous knowledge to share, and we integrate their expertise and experiences into our work.

5. Long-Term Investment in Trust & Relationships

Trust and relationships are our greatest resources. TTP carefully selects its community and school partners, believing that partnerships must be mutually beneficial, drawing on each partners’ strengths for an overall gain. TTP also builds effective relationships with school community members, recognizing that these are the bedrock of a lasting impact. On a daily basis, families and schools can count on TTP to follow through on its commitments, both small and large. At the same time, TTP expects trust and investment in the relationship in return. Principals and teachers must commit to engaging parents and the school community via the TTP model.

6. Proactive, Detail-Oriented Mindset

TTP recognizes that our school communities face immense challenges and often lack the resources to meet them. TTP views these obstacles as opportunities for creative problem solving and finds ways to make resources and knowledge accessible to parents and to the school community. We seize every chance to encourage greater participation in our programs — recognizing, for example, that even a few moments with a parent can be used to tell them about a new learning opportunity. We consider anything that might act as a barrier to participation, and think ahead, developing workable solutions. Our creative, get-it-done spirit is balanced with a high level of attention to detail. Staff members are on time, well-prepared, respectful and thorough.

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