Engaging Families for Student Success

TTP Expands In Ward 8

August 14, 2015

ScoolsFor the past 16 years, Turning the Page has engaged parents by partnering with schools around D.C. Last school year marked the strategic shift in TTP’s focus to Ward 8 schools, allowing parents to form partnerships within their own communities. We have since seen bonds develop between elementary and middle school parent leaders, friendships grow between children from different neighborhoods, and links forged between community partners and parents throughout the Ward. Thanks to a grant awarded by Fight for Children, Turning the Page is excited to announce our expansion to two wonderful elementary schools in Ward 8, Turner and Ketcham!

Last year, we engaged 382 parents and 528 students across four elementary and two middle schools, and by joining forces with Turner and Ketcham we expect to increase the number of families we serve in Ward 8 by approximately 30%. The map to the right delineates the location of each of our partner schools within the Ward. We can’t wait to build relationships with teachers and families at Turner and Ketcham and expand our network of support across the community. Betlemska kaple